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Monday, July 16, 2007

Egads, I know all the chapter titles....

I'm sorry to say (ok, not too sorry) that I was sent the chapter titles by a friend of mine who found them online. Actually he (going by PrinceofEgypt) found almost 400 pages of "Deathly Hallows" that got leaked by someone else.

I asked him not to send me the chapter pages, only the table of contents. And he obliged. Then he deleted everything he had downloaded.... I know all the chapter titles.... I can't believe it.

I will NOT post them here.

They back up many of my predictions and they don't discredit any of my predictions.

I still think Harry will take the Dursleys to #12 Grimmauld Place, where they will hide.

I still think Harry will find the place Sirius bought with his inheritance from Uncle Alphard.

I still think Harry will receive something through Dumbledore's will.

I still think the trio will have to break into Gringotts because the goblins will revolt again.

I still think Mundungus stole the locket from #12 Grimmauld and took it (probably sold it) to Aberforth.

I still think Snape has the best of intentions. He's just not as noble as McGonagall gives Dumbledore credit for.

I still think Dumbledore isn't as noble as McGonagall thinks he is.

We will find out about how Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald.

Um, I'll post again soon. Hopefully by then the horrible spoilers will not have tainted everyone....


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